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Who we are?

TaxWings International Pvt Ltd is a leading AFM –“Accounting, Finance and Management Consulting”- company, bringing processes, people and technology together.
We work closely with the accounting team to bring in efficiencies, increase your visibility, and improve your access to critical information at various levels. We help our customers become well-positioned to meet the opportunities and challenges that come your way.


Accounts Payable

Accounts payable is a liability for businesses. This makes it very important to manage effectively and responsibly, as doing so helps

Accounts Receivable

Always businesses expect to receive money on or before it dues. The accurate record keeping of this money that is receivable


We all know the basic duties of a bookkeeper to track payables and receivables and keep all your business’s financial transactions documented.

Inventory and Costing

Inventory assets are goods or items of worth that a company plans to sell for profit. These items contain merchandise, raw production

General Ledger

Efficiency and accuracy specifically in case of financial reporting is considered to be a significant aspect for every organization.

Payroll Management

We provide the best Payroll Management service for your business and automate your payroll process to make every payday a piece of cake.

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